Find the magic inside you

3 min readOct 1, 2020

How often have you wanted to change something in your life, but it didn’t work out as you planned? Something got in the way.

But what was it that really stopped you?

You’ve got a habit!

By doing things out of habit, comes from how you see the world and your way of thinking. Like all habits, it creates automatic actions.

We can come up with all the excuses on the planet, but truth be told everything outside of ourselves is in the minor leagues when it comes to getting the change we want.

We need to understand this because otherwise we keep falling into the same traps and we repeat the same results that we had before in our life.

Often we think that the solution to a problem, or the fix or the magic lies outside ourselves.

What’s happening on the outside matters much less than what’s happening on the inside. You are the one and only key to getting the change you want.

Write that down. Keep it handy. Remind yourself regularly

“I am the key to my future.”

The magic is in you. How you think, how you see the world, how you react to challenges has far more potential to ruin a great future than any obstacles you might encounter.

You may be thinking: but I don’t want to change, or I can’t change; or the world should accept me as I am, right now; or it is not good to change, because then I won’t be myself; or I don’t want to fake it; or all I need to do is just find my ‘thing’ and then all will be well…

Your mind is incredibly powerful (much more than you think), and with a bit of training, you can completely change your mindset. What this means is that you can pin down all those magic moments that you’ve stopped noticing while you chase after the clock, which, unlike you, never has to make any stops.

“Believe in yourself”

You can’t find beauty outside if you can’t see it inside yourself. When you believe in yourself and your abilities, the possibilities become endless.

Everything starts with a dream, a vision, or an idea.

If you never take chances, you’ll never know what you’re capable of.

We live with the hope that someone comes along and gives us a watertight method with all the strategies, tactics, and tricks and we just need to adopt it and then success is guaranteed. It is almost that we want to take ourselves totally out of the equation because we don’t trust ourselves that we will figure things out by trying and by persisting.

Now is the time to change that. Don’t be afraid. There’s magic waiting for you around the corner, and the best part is that you can create it.

Seeing the magic in everything around you means recognizing and being thankful for all the wonders in your life. So for you to find and attract magic, you have to start by being thankful for the wonderful gift you already have, the gift that keeps on giving with each beat of your heart: life. And that’s because a big part of the magic we’re talking about is truly just inspiration, strength, and energy.

If you’re ready to transform the way you have been showing up in the world and start getting the results you want in life, I encourage you to take action and start working on this TODAY.

Transform your thoughts — and change your life

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”